QNS on resolution on wideaspect lcd and dual monitor setup... ??

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hi everyone.
wanted to get some insights into using a wide screen lcd.

currently my video card allows for certain set resolutions.
it does not display the option of choosing the 1680x1050 resolution option.

if i plug the dell 2005fpw to my pc, will it PnP and auto show the wide aspect option?
(video card is Integrated GeForce4 MX GPU in the Shuttle XPC SN41G2)
assume connection is VGA

if answer to question 1 is YES

next is, will i be able to run 1 monitor at 1680x1050 and the lcd at 1280x1024? (using both vga)

many thanks

ps. how much is the 2005fpw in singapore, brand new?

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