Qns on Exposure and Self photo-print (eg Selphy) VS Shop

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Jan 12, 2009
Hi guys. Noob here with some qns:

1) For sunny landscape shots with bright background and dark foreground elements,
isit better to use nd grad filters, flash/compensation or metering?

2) Are those small photo printers like the selphy really worth it or is it better to print at shops? im someone who prints like once a month.

All feedback welcome. cheers.


Aug 25, 2006
hi. welcome to clubsnap, first and foremost.

1) nd grad filters will be the best. flash tends to give extremely uneven results, which can be seen immediately, because the lighting is weird.

this photo is taken with flash to reveal more detail (backlit condition)

compare it to this photo, taken with grad nd:

i think it is pretty clear which one turns out more natural. even if you have a powerful enough flash, i do not think it will cover everything you see here. maybe if you have a portable spotlight. :devil:

not sure what you are talking about when you say compensation.

an alternative to grad nd is hdr processing (please google). or manual blending, which involves taking many exposures (aperture/iso/white balance constant), and erasing using layers in photoshop to reveal detail where it counts.

if you fire back more questions about hdr or manual blending, i hope you understand if i do not take the time to reply. there is a wealth of literature in the library (make use of your taxes) and internet which can answer every single question there is to be asked on those subjects.

2) do not know much about printing. but as far as i can recall, the small photo printers use a different process from what you get in the shops.

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