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Jul 26, 2003
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knoxknocks said:
not sure if anyone uses putfile for free storage - they've banned s'porean accounts because of the hanging.


oh well...childish.
I really hate to say this but you are right knoxknocks - the owner(s) of Putfile is behaving very childishly. I even hate to say this but, with this kind of "protest", it's a high possibility these people are those that live on social welfare, on the taxpayers hard-earn money by buying drugs but refuse to find a proper job, knowingly they can do so. :thumbsd: :thumbsd:

These people, are nothing less but ticks. I'm sure dog-owners know what are they - they stick on dogs underneath the fur and keeps sucking blood. ;(

I don't get it, :dunno: and no offense to any Aussies in CS - Australia ban people from bringing in fruits or such into their country because they are afraid of a spread of disease or breeding of new insects. Everybody follows without making such a big fuss so why are they making such a big fuss now? Are they saying fruits are more important than drugs? CHEEZ!!!! And I don't think this is the first case of Australian trafficking drugs.

These people obviously conveniently forgot that drugs can travel, and their family or friends can easily be the next victim.

And I definitely support Singapore's decision in capital punishment. We are already such a small country so I think all the more, we should use such punishment to protect ourselves.

_midge_ :p

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