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Jul 2, 2007
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I took this one at a relative's house while visiting earlier this year. The wall here is the focus of my attention as when I stepped into the house first thing i saw was the purple wall ..(and then the big persian cat but the cat was unwilling to model). Just wondering if there is enough composition in there to warrant me blowing this up poster sized.. I mean I like it.. i wanna "Poster" it .. but does it have enough quality to be framed and "postered". Give me you thoughts..


Aug 25, 2005
first u dun need quality to poster it - anything can be postered

one possible good reason to poster anything could be u need to see it large or from afar, and there may be some more reasons: what are your reasons?

about the picture: the conversation - or lack - seems to be interesting, but there is too much space - or maybe the space is good to convey the distance between the old man and woman; but the most significant compositional lack, to me, is the interesting talking woman is too far away and not positioned/framed in the right place. Instead the uninteresting back of the younger man is in a more dominating position but serving only as an obscurant without adding anything to the composition.

maybe u shld chase the cat ...

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