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Punggol Beach

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getting a smoke effects in the water, you have to slow your shutter speed but you also have to consider the exposure as a whole.

I found that the exposure here is not well balance. My suggestion here are:

1. Use CPL to cut the reflections on the water and this will also slower your shutter.
2. Full ND and Grad ND, Full ND will slower your shutter (-? stop) and grad will balance your exposure in the sky and the ground level.
2. Sunset Filters or Grad Blue Filter to have more dramatic skies.

just my personal suggestions......... thanks for sharing.


hi glennboi.. thanks for the advice! I'll definitely try that out sometime(once i get the money to buy those filters).
my filters are just Cokin, will cost you $25.00 to $35.00 each. Cathay is the only store selling those filters. They also have Lee Filters but very expensive.



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Nov 29, 2005
a few major issues

1. lack of depth and compositional focus
2. blown sky highlights
3. tilted horizon.
4. lack of tonal contrast

hope i dun sound harsh

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