Pulau Ubin Trip (Sunday 8th Oct @ 10am)

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Jul 30, 2010
Dear all,

This is my 1st time organizing a trip. For this trip, we are just going to walk and take photos as much as we could in Pulau Ubin. My friends and I ain't a pro. Just doing this for fun. Some of us inculding myself was hoping learn bits and pieces from you guys and share different knowledge and perspective. (If I'm to THAT standard) :bsmilie:

If you're new, we will share what WE know. (That is provided I'm knowledgeable enough) :D

Currently I have about 6 - 8 of my own friends who are joining.

We will be arriving at Changi Ferry Terminal @ 10am sharp. So if you're dropping by and wanna meet my cliques, please drop by. Do not hesitate to drop a SMS or call me @ 90615421.

Most of them including me are using Canon. So far only 1 Nikon user. If you're a Nikon user, please come and add the numbers. Or else this NS buddy of mine will be VERY lonely. :sweat:

** I'll try to check this thread when I'm free.


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