PSS - Intermediate Practical Photography Course (16 Feb, Wed)


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Jul 7, 2010
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- 16 Feb, Wed

The course objective is for photographers who had completed PSS Digital Basic Photography Course and keen to improve their photography skills further in methods, techniques and better understanding in the Photography fundamentals, prior to attending any advance courses i.e Studio, Flashlight, Fashion, Travel, Nature and Wedding photography etc.

Criteria :

Applicant must at least completed the elementary course and have the intension to improve their photography knowledge. Applicant must own a DSLR, tripod and other camera accessories i.e Flashlight.Filter.etc and are required to bring them to class on the 1st lesson.

Course Syllabus

Module 1:

- Better understanding of your DSLR’s functions, i.e handling, exposure modes, manual controls of exposure and focusing.
- Understanding the type of files & format used, White Balance (WB), ISO, Focal Length and Histogram.etc.
- Understanding the nature of your lenses, i.e zoom lenses versus fixed lenses.
- What type of lenses to be used for specific purpose and function.
- Better understanding of DOF and how to better use of DOF preview button.
- Understanding your DSLR's P.S.A.M modes and AEL function.
- How to read your DSLR Meter system and the use of hand meter for better exposure.

Module 2 : Outdoor practical session I

- Using special effects i.e Panning shots to capture moving objects.
- Better understanding on the effects created by different lenses.
- Using Depth of Field (DOF) to capture better picture.

Module 3 : Outdoor practical session II

- Using DOF effect to create the blur effect for model’s background.
- Using your zoom lens to create special effects.
- Understanding the Fill in effect using your Flashlight or build in flashlight.
- How to create catch light, back lighting and side lighting effect.
- Understanding composition, how to compose your picture thru your DSLR.

Module 4 :

- Photo critique session
Note: Cost incurred during the outings shall be borne by the participants. Participants
may use either film or digital camera for the course work. The pre-requisite of this advance course is knowledge of basic photography.


Upon completion of the course, the students are required to submit a set of 6 prints for assessment. The instructor shall brief the participants on the submission requirements. A course certificate will be awarded for successful submission.

Course Details

Duration : 2 weeks
Time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm weekdays (except outings)
Fees : $160 (member) $260 (non-member)

For the latest course commencement dates, please call us at 6334 3361 or drop us an email at