PSS - Digital Basic Photography Course (10 Feb, Thu and 15 Feb, Tue)


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Jul 7, 2010
Selegie Arts Centre
- 10 Feb, Thu
- 15 Feb, Tue

Discover the joy of photography, recognized as the world’s most popular hobby. The Digital Basic Photography Course will bring you into the exciting world of digital photography.

You will be taught the basic theory and fundamentals of photography. At PSS, we believe that it is essential for one to be well-versed in the fundamentals. You will be trained to develop a creative approach to capture images with impact.

The course is unique as it is based on a modular system and taught by different instructors specializing in different fields. Participants will be exposed to the various specialization of photography of photography and allow the participants to interact with different instructors who possess different styles.

In the event that you miss any of the modules, you may go for a make-up in another batch within six months from the commencement of your original first class.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: (2 lessons)

Basic Theories – Digital and Basic Photography: Equipment / Exposure / Composition

Module 2: (2 lessons + 1 outing)

Techniques / Outing / Photo Critique

Module 3: (1 lesson)

Path of Photography / Mounting Methods

Module 4: (1 lesson)

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop / Calibration / Creating a Portfolio Album

Module 5: (1 lesson)

Travel & Creative Photography

Module 6: (1 lesson)

Basic Studio Lighting

Module 7: (1 lesson + 1 outing)

Basic Night Photography / Outing

Module 8: (1 lesson)

Flashlight Photography

Module 9: (1 lesson)

Photo Critique / Course Wrap-up


Upon completion of the course, participants are required to submit a set of six 8” x 10” or 8” x 12” mounted prints for assessment. Course certificates will only be awarded upon successful submission.

Course Details

Duration : 12 weeks (2 hours per session)
Time : 7.30pm to 9.30pm weekdays (except outings)
Fees : $160 (member) $260 (non-member)

For the latest course commencement dates, please call us at 6334 3361 or drop us an email at