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Dec 29, 2005
if u read the news abt a month ago, sony screwed up the ps3 again...
they got problem mass producing their blu-ray sensor, and it will be a miracle if singapore could get it by january or february..

the earliest place to get it will be USA [they are the king..everything also go to them first] and it will be around late november to december, and the units available by then are a pathetic roughly 30,000 units..

They thought abt using air plane shipments so that places like europe can get it before xmas as gifts for their friends and family, but the cost is too high and they scrapped that option..

so............ in the meantime, just enjoy ur ps2 and the upcoming final fantasy 12 :sweatsm:

price wise if i remembered correctly is 499usd for the normal version and 599usd for the upgraded version (it should be 40gb harddisk compared to 20gb on the normal version, and a few other upgrades maybe 2 controllers? i cant really remember)

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