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Jul 19, 2012

Singapore, Singapore - Renowned studio light shapers Profoto has appointed a new distributor in Singapore.

The Swedish company has previously partnered with Shriro Singapore to market and distribute its equipment. To align with its global business direction, Profoto has now appointed Srishti Enterprise to oversee the management, marketing and sales of its equipment in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Shrishti Enterprise is no stranger to the distribution and marketing of photographic equipment in Asia, and its wide network enables the company to reach both dealers and consumers effectively. Srishti Enterprise is also the sole, official distributor of Profoto equipment in India and Sri Lanka.

With effect from January 1, 2017, Srishti Enterprise has taken over the distribution and marketing of Profoto equipment from Shriro Singapore, and aims to further strengthen the excellent foundation that Shriro Singapore has built for the brand.

More noticeably and to align with Profoto's global sales direction, Srishti Enterprise will not conduct direct sales with consumers, but these efforts will be channeled through to two exclusive dealers – Alan Photo and SLR Revolution. With the dealers' experienced staff and extensive knowledge on photography, Srishti Enterprise and Profoto believe that they will be able to offer photographers the best lighting solution with Profoto equipment.

Efforts have also been taken to ensure that the local prices of Profoto equipment are in line with the global retail and e-commerce market, hence photographers can purchase them with an ease of mind at the exclusive dealers' outlet.

After sales support and servicing will be conducted by Srishti Enterprise, and photographers are encouraged to bring send their equipment in for checks and maintenance.

The newly announced Profoto D2 AirTTL and Pro10 Studio Generator will be available in Alan Photo and SLR Revolution in February 2017.

About Profoto
Profoto was founded in Stockholm in 1968 by photographer and engineer Eckhard Heine and photography equipment retailer Conny Dufgran. Their relationship began when Conny sold Eckhard a flash unit that didn’t work. Annoyed with the faulty unit, Eckhard went home to invent a new type of flash. He returned a couple of weeks later with a superior unit. A few years after that, Eckhard and Conny exhibited the first Pro-1 generator at the Photokina trade show in Cologne. It was an instant success. Profoto was born. With a bang.

Today, our products are used by the best in the industry. Whether it be on a billboard or in a fashion magazine, there’s a good chance that the image you are looking at was created with the help of our lights. But even though we continuously refine and improve our equipment, we stay true to Eckhard’s and Conny’s ideals.

We still believe that a Light Shaping Tool should feel right, sound right and be aesthetically pleasing. Just like the painter’s brush or the musician’s instrument, its form should reflect its function. We will never let technology rule over the artist. Our tools are not obstacles but lighting solutions, designed to help you turn your ambition into reality.

About Srishti Enterprise Pte Ltd
Srishti Singapore is a distribution company established in 2007.

Srishti Singapore is a group entity with its distribution network spread into the Indian Sub Continent with its presence in India and Sri Lanka .

Srishti India, a full-line distributor of a variety of cutting-edge products ranging from topnotch imaging brands such as Manfrotto, Profoto, Zeiss and a wide range of other imaging accessories. Over the years, it has truly evolved as the fulcrum of modern photography industry by providing its customers with the best services and prices.

With a strong team and a firm hold in India, Srishti Singapore has acquired the distribution rights for Profoto in the South East Asia.

The company was started by Mr. Vijayakumar. Mr.Vijay has over 20 years of experience in the imaging industry internationally. He has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Louisville,Kentucy,USA. He has to his credit,managing and creating a strong presence of the imaging and mobile business in India, Central Asia, Africa and Vietnam, just to name a few.

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