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Sep 1, 2004
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Hi all,

I have been given an Eye One setup to play with by a realy nice friend Amy.

I would like to make best use of it and therefore could use some suggestions.

Please offer assistance with the following questions if you will:-

(1) Should the monitor be set at any particular colour temperature before starting.

(2) Should the colour adjustments (R.G.B) be set at 50% or does question 1+2 not matter.

(3) After calibrating the monitor and the printer (Epson R800), should a profile generated be selected in PhotoShop to use this information.

(4) As I did not recieve a colour calibration template for making a profile for my 20D is there one I can either....
Download or create my self.

Thanks for any replies and assistance.

P.S. I have 2 systems that I have run monitor calibrations on.

One uses a 19" CRT and the other uses a 19" TFT screen. They are similar after finishing, but there is a diffence.

Would my guess that because the method of display is so different, they could not be exactly the same anyway.

Cheers all :)

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