Product Photography Services

Inhale Chachi

New Member
Mar 5, 2019
Hello fellow business owners!

If you're looking to hire content creators for your professional businesses, be sure to check out and email us for a quotation.

We're a reliable team of people and have a vast of experience working with local and foreign brands such as Starbucks, Guinness, Laura Mercier and Honestbee.

Alternatively, you can contact me at 87513283 to attend to your professional needs.

About Our Studio:

"Diskette is a full-suite branding and marketing agency, specialising in product photography, event photo/ videography, graphic design, digital marketing and web development.
Diskette consists of professionals in the creative and PR industry, with experience leading projects that run the gamut from ad design, promotional and corporate collateral, to social media management and digital marketing strategy."