Problems with Kingston Elite Pro CF card.

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Oct 28, 2006
Dear CS, I bought two Kingston Elite Pro CF cards 16GB rated 133x @ the recent PC show. I was looking for my usual Sandisk but were sold out.

Problems & now a BIG problem.

I just did a shoot & the card gave up just downloading 1/4 of the pics. My PC says I need to re-format the card & the camera cannot read it anymore.

When I first loaded the cards, I format them in my camera. They showed inconsistency by sometimes not able to store pics or read. I'll need turn off the camera then reload the card to read it again for several times. It is slow in reviews but was subsequently good for recording.

Now, I faced with a worthless card & another potential time bomb.

Q1. Is there any software that can retrieve lost files?

Q2. Does anyone else have problems with this card and recourse from Kingston?

Mar 14, 2006
I got this card when buying my D300.
Having the same problems as urs.
Very slow......
After using it once, i threw it away.
Selling it off also no use .....


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Aug 1, 2009
check with convergent.


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Nov 10, 2008
I've been using one with my Canon 40D for the past 9 months. No problems whatsoever. Brought it up mount kinabalu and it performed normally at low temperatures.

Maybe you've got a defective product?

Dec 29, 2007
Some bodies doesn't support 16GB very well, or least the Kingston elite pro CF.
I have same problem, and lost 2/3 of photos once.
Upgrade latest firmware that suppose to support 16GB, but same thing happen on PC. Still manage to copy out the rest using PCMCIA CF card adaptor on a laptop. This card is trash.

Oct 28, 2006
Yes, looks like a constant problem for others as well. I will not want a replacement as confidence is lost, imagine if you've used it for an important assignment or holiday trip.

I'm just hoping to find some software that can retrieve information in the card now.

Kingston CF card doesn't seems much reliable than Sandisk.
Only use kingston RAMs. :bsmilie:

I still trust Sandisk cards. no failure for all of my cards which have been aging even those 256MB cards.

I sympathise wif u bro. U got a lemon. I've got both Kingston and Sandisk and all worked fine. For risk management purposes, I never buy 16gb memory disks as technology still new compared to the 8gb, which is why I use 8gb mostly (1 rosak, still got another 8gb, rather than one 16gb rosak and then mampus).

Do look for the agent wif the card and ask them to try to retrieve the info- i believe they are able to retrieve it as u had no problems during the shooting rite?

Another alternative is to use your bros camera and PC and try to download the fotos first- it could be yr camera + USB cable combo that cause the connection error.

I'll start using 16gb when they start to release 32gb and 64gb memory cards in the market commercially.

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