problemmatic Olympus dry cabi 036?

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May 6, 2004
hell 極樂世&
juz want 2share a bad experience when i juz bought an Olympus dry-cabinet frm the I.T fair(Digi-cabi 036) under Harvey less than a week the cabi stopped short circuit or anything, btw warranty card was nt included bt only a piece of simple receipt...(NO add, tel on the instruction card either!!!) had to went to TWO harvey norman(suntec n millienia walk), direct me to olympus centre who said they dun do repair on d.c, dan call up digi-cabi to ask for address wich is in a VERY deserted upper thomson rd!! :faint: took a half an hr bus ride...a 10min upsloped walk b4 i finaly gt 2d stupid place!! was oredi sweating like pig...sigh....lastly i gt a replacement n pray hard everydae dat it won spoilt again.... :sweat:
mayb im d only unlucky one... :cry:

jus in case, here's the address for the Digi-Hub and tel no for digi-cabi users:

Markono District centre
50 tagore Lane #04-08
Tel: 64510010

Bus: 167 (trans island)

Hope it will lend some help! Gd dae!! :D

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