Problem with text printing on S520 (siron pls read)

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For those with Canon S520, I heard that siron has one... Please help me out.

I have two kinda papers with me..
Type A = Print very well and very sharp in Standard mode for B&W Text. But in draft mode, it will prints characters with very very thin grey hairlines across it. It is more noticeable for large fonts, say '72' or '48' font size.

Type B = The hairlines across the fonts are not visible at all in either draft or standard mode, but the text smears all over, unless I print in High quality mode which consume more ink.

Anyone with S520...
Can you please try to print some font size 72 characters in draft mode to see whether it is...
1. No thin grey hairliness across it?
2. No smear, super sharp and deep pure black?

Thanks very much in advance! As I suspect my printhead is starting to develop problems.

Sorry if this is posted in wrong thread as I can't find any thread specifically for printers problem.


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Mar 18, 2002
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Well I believe your printer is still under warranty?
Maybe you can call em up and check..
cuz mine no prob so far... I print on noraml paper also very good.. Usually I used it to print Photo but using high grade photo papers which I am very saftified with.

Check with Canon...see what they say.

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