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Problem with Payment for Job Done for Imaginem Pte Ltd (fyi Freelancing Photographers)

one eye jack

Senior Member
Jun 11, 2011
I sympathize with your friend. When one is hard up for work or money philosophically such things may happen. It was for a photography workshop with another photographer as I understand from his post. Personally I would not like midddle men making money off my back or sweat might as well conduct my own workshop..haha, not That I am that good. Does this ad yesterday sound credible ( for students), the email looks odd? Especially when govt. highlight fraudulent claims via skills development fund and Education fund? ( the accused siphoned SGD $42 million).



Senior Member
May 24, 2006
If anyone knows the company Thomson Reuters, an investment firm. Still owes me 2k worth of payment since Nov 2016.

Thomson Reuters exchange email

He just eventually stop replying at all
Wow, Thomson Reuters is an established multi-national financial news and information agency. Why didn't you send a letter of demand? I think each legal letter of demand should be about $200. Or just publicize it. You have nothing to lose.

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