problem with my cs4

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H guys,

i have alil problem with my photoshop cs4, hope someone can shed some light on it.

this is the image of the problem.


-> all images open with my cs4 turns out like that. i only open jpeg

-> same and any images openned with lightroom, bridge, windows viewer etc all are working fine. only the photoshop aint working

-> i have reinstalled it 2 times, one from my own cs4 master collection, one i dl from adobe website and inputting my own cdkey

-> im running it on a acer laptop with recently upgraded to windows7. previously works fine on my vista.

-> not sure if its windows7 fault but i have forwarded the image to my friend whom is using win7 and his cs4 is the one downloaded from adobe website, his turns out ok.

-> my graphics card is ati radeon 2400 xt, not sure if its related but previously works fine.

-> my win7 is original, done by my school for free.

has anyone encounter something like this before and any solutions ???

Feb 6, 2006
Sometimes its the graphic card driver issue.

Always update the latest version compatible w/ your OS from the graphic card manufacturer

Jun 24, 2009
do u hv 2 different ver PS ?
like cs3 & cs4 on e same machine?


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Sep 26, 2008
Maybe your graphic card is dieing.

awww laptop is indeed dad used it for close to 2 years..and i took over last in 2009 for poly till now..
doubt i would get a macbook if it really is dieing

and also, from bro redmonsoon advice, have tried resetting the preferences but still not working

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May 12, 2008
I doubt this is the hardware problem if the PC previously worked for Vista ?
If you have the Registry Cleaner program (i.e "Registryfix" is one of them) , you may want to scan the registry for corruption due to some installation problems.
Be very careful when you mess around with registry, make sure you create a restore point first before the scanning just in case you want to get back to the initial state.
Ask around your friends, they may know

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