problem with Arctic Butterfly

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Jul 19, 2007
i recently purchased one of the arctic butterfly products, and have tried it out

it has worked a little on my d70s, and some of the dust has been removed. however, the remaining dust cannot be gotten rid of. i understand there is such a thing as welded dust, but the dust particles seem to be moving around on the sensor from the tests (taking pic of white paper). hence i think its just that the dust isnt being carried away from the sensor

is there a way to make the cleaning more effective? id rather not move to the wet cleaning method that soon since ive just bought the arctic butterfly. also, does keeping the cam in a dry cabi help the problem?

many thanks in advance:)


Aug 25, 2006
you will not get rid of all dust in one try. and remember, you can NEVER keep your camera entirely clean, unless you live in a clean room and shoot there forever. even then your eyelash, your skin particles might fall in and become dust.

as a rule of thumb, what i do is use the blower first, with the camera facing down.
then i use the arctic butterfly
and then i use the wet cleaning IF there is still dust. my wet cleaning utensils have gone from bad to worse, last time was sensor swab, then ppcp sensor swab, now i've given up because i went to try expensive cotton buds (still cheaper than ppcp sensor swab) once and it worked just as well, just more painful to do.. so wet cleaning is actually not as expensive as it's touted to be, so long as you use budget material. at your own risk though, please.

if the dust particles seem to be moving around, do a few more sweeps, and remember, don't have to be 100% clean, or you will break your neck doing it. so long as the particles left are small.. do note that you are not shooting at f/32 or f/27 or even f/19 for 95% of the time.. in fact you shouldn't be doing any of that other than maybe f/19.. (diffraction issues).. so small pieces of dust are actually not that consequential.

and no, keeping the cam in dry cabi will not help the problem, but good practices out in the field, like changing lens quickly inside bag face down, might help you get less dust.


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Sep 4, 2006
Hi guys,

Sorry to hijack ur thread. May I know where did you guys buy the Artic Butterfly?

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