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Pro Lens vs Rich-Hobbyist Lens

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Jul 31, 2006
We are talking about AD wedding, during the heyday of film, they are many photographer moonlighting on AD wedding beside full time photographers, but all prints no touch up.

for pre wedding portrait, customer demand touch up on each prints, usually touch up work are farm out, as touch up prints is already a full time job, the market price for touching up on a 8x10 print is $18.00, on neg is $50 and above, nobody touch up on 35mm neg btw, only 120 neg.

this is how nobody will ask for touch up on AD wedding photos back than.

as in today, since everybody has digital cameras, since everybody has photoshops, since everybody love to shoot weddings, so everybody touch up for wedding customers for free happily.

Actually I was referring to AD wedding too, in the days of film I understand that most touch up are for pre-wedding portrait. However I also seen touch-up on AD wedding shots as well, they are mainly for tea ceremony/dinner table shots and the usual "全家福" on the day with all the elders of the family.

Of course film touch-up cost much more and the negatives is closely guarded by the photo studio in those days. Unlike nowadays where the PG may even give out RAW files ( upon the couple request). :bsmilie:

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