Pro-Consumer Digital Camera as backup

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hello dudes & dudettes,

I am contemplating of getting an additional pro-consumer digital camera.

Nope... don't jump the gun yet ;) This thread ain't about a newbie asking advise as to which digital camera is best to start out with.

I have been shooting for over 8 years and freelancing for over 4 years. I am one of those who truely migrated over from film to digital. I am a die-hard Nikon fan :p who owns over 4 professional bodies & 6 professional lens. (No la... I just find the handling of Nikon more to my liking).

All these while, I would lug at least 2 bodies + my standard 28-70 2.8 & 80-200 2.8 whenever I go on a trip (no matter how long or short). Any pro nikon users would tell you, that particular amount of equipment is DAMN heavy.

I don't mind lugging all these equipments for a long trip but for a short relaxing trip? (and yet not miss those fantastic pics?) I'm beginning to feel the fatigue of having to lug all those equipments around.

The turning point came when I went to Bintan for a short getaway. I want it to remain a relaxing trip thus I do not wish to lug all those heavy duty barang barang. But the photographer in me do not wish to miss the photo moments as well.

Another reason why I'm contemplating of getting a pro-cons is I wish to lighten up my pack. A single camera body is more than enough for my shooting style. But there is always a "what if the body fail" scenario. I'm planning to go for a 3 weeks trip to India and the notion of bringing an additional body as a back up is pretty repulsive as it adds onto the already heavy pack.

Sorry for the long nagging :sweat: I'm not sure if any one of you share my sentiments.

Nevertheless, back to my original purpose :p Now you guys know where i'm coming from, can anyone recommend a pro-cons? (I have been focusing too much on my work and the pro line. so much so I'm not updated on the cons or pro-cons line :p ) * I don't intend to spend alot... I don't even mind if it is second hand... as long as it fulfil my purpose -> a backup *

If you manage to read all the way from the top till here.... CONGRATZ!


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Mar 16, 2002
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Get the Nikon 8XXX series.... its compatible with your DSLR flashes and can do decent pics. It has enough manual features to keep the photog in you happy and its still a Nikon. :D

I am a Canon user and use my old G3 for overseas trips with my 300D (normally my backup body) as its light. The batts and flashes are all compatible with one another. Besides... the G3 draws less attention. ;)


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Dec 13, 2002
you mean you actually lug a backup slr on a leisure trip? :eek:

i think you have already made your decision. go ahead and get the pro-consumer cam :)


the problem is to get which one?

The nikon 8xxx is pretty ex leh. And I don't think anyone is letting go of one yet.... so I was checking up the higher end of the 5xxx series.

But I do see a number of Canon Axx changing hands in the buy/sell forum. hmm... maybe a canon pro-cons? :think:


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Nov 2, 2004
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Aiyah, just state your needs, and match which camera meets your requirements, but don't forget that the Nikons will be able to use your exhisting speedlite. Personally I like the Olys. I find the Nikon Prosumers too toy like, but that was a year ago. My C5050Z served me well. Fast F1.8 lens. Only use the built-in flase as a fill-in.


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