Printing S8R on computer

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Feb 15, 2002
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Ok, An A4 size paper measures 8.27x11.70
but S8R is 8 x 12

So for people who print using their home printers, how do you guys get around this small cropping? Or do you just don't bother with it and print at 8 x 11.7? :confused:

Is there any S8R sized photo paper around? cause the change is actually in the length of the paper and not the width, so it doesn't affect too much (since some printers now can do roll paper)

And, anybody actually uses roll paper around here?? :dunno:

On a side question, A3 is 11.70x16.55
but 12R is 12 x 16
again, any photo paper of that size?

(Currently using Epson 1290 and ilford gallerie series paper) ;)

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