Printing Large!

Hello everyone here,

I hope this is the right place to post.

I am planning to print my own photograph to hang them on my room's wall. Therefore, I hope that you guys & girls here can help out on the following

  • What are the different 'specs' in printing i.e. matte or glossy and size? I am planning to print something like a A3
  • Who would you recommend to do the printing for me (I am printing under a budget, will $30/print do the job)
  • Any editing I have to do or will the shop do it for me?

I have been trying something similar.

If you are just simply trying to print and not too fussed with paper and are happy with simple photography paper (which is pretty damned good) and after simple 18 x 12 (close to A3) inch shot then just save your print to jpeg and take it down to a local print lab and you should be ok.

My problem so far is that the colour is out and the paper has a yellow cast to it meaning that a photo i want printed has all the whites with a yellow tinge.

I have had a hard time finding a quality photographic print lab - RGB color used to do this but i cant find them in action any more. I am going to try this place on Saturday Will let you know the results.

I did have a big 30 inch panorama printed but that print shop shut down and i cant find anywhere to do this

Apr 30, 2006
Hi guys, I specialise in fine art printing for photographers. Please pm me or call 98302903 for more information if you are interested.

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