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Feb 13, 2003
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I need some help and/or advise.
I discovered that all of my photos' colors are off when printed. My photos are on sRGB profile and I have printed using both a Fuji Printing Kiosk and HP Printing services. I believed such printer will only be on sRGB profile. My monitor is calibrated.
The printed result is similar to that as shown in the proof setup with "simulate paper color" of PS. I have appended a comparison of the photo as it was on my monitor and when proofed below.
I am not sure how I can improve on the image to make it resemble what I think should be (on screen). Any help will be appreciated.



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Nov 27, 2010
Not really into print, but from what I understand is that even after you had calibrated your monitor, u still need printer profile to get the matching the colour in the print out. Another calibration for print.

Normally when I selected few photos for print, I will have another set where adjust it slightly brighter and use proof to view on screen first.
And when we view photo on screen, the light come from screen. When viewing photo on print (or paper), it the reflection of light into our eyes.

Dec 25, 2009
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I just went through the same learning curve.
Made some matte prints from KT color centre and compared the prints next no a calibrated screen.

Kinda figured that processing for digital viewing and print are pretty much mutually exclusive. (ie. you process once for digital viewing and another round for print)

You also need to have installed your printer+paper printing profile. Lightroom's "simulate paper & ink" is a pretty good visual estimate of what to expect, but never expect it to be 100% similar.

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