Printing 10R or larger - Which Paper is good.

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Dec 4, 2004
Eastern Bloc
I wanted to print a portraiture image of my wife and I. I took it using a wireless remote on my D70, this is an image of my wife and I and it is not very sharp but I like the captured mood of the moment as it captured a nice smile from both my wife and I. Me not photogenic type of person. :) so this is rare of me to reproduce.

Want to print 10R or larger, since the image is not very sharp, I was thinking of printing it rougher than a Matte finish to create the canvas like mood.

What type of paper does the printer has that I can ask them to print on? appreciate the help. Also where do I go to get good frames 10R or bigger?



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Jan 18, 2002
Western SG
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Print any size you want. and do cold lamination. oh... and frame it too.

Cold lamination can try stanley colour centre at middle road

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