Pricing of drug

You can try to stay healthy and not getting sick.
Brudder... stay healthy and not get sick? Because you assuming this is a Gay issue as this is some AIDS medication? So they should be more careful what they do? Not our problem?

This drug's been around for over 60 years. Way before AIDS was around. This medication is use for certain Malaria strains, infection with pregnant women and other parasitic infection.

Guess it is our problem if a mosquito randomly bite someone or a willful person with AIDS infect their spouse with HIV and it is still our fault because we did not do enough to stay healthy and got sick. Think you can see why this resonant with disgust as to why some folks are concern and unhappy if nothing is done to take some kind of stand to try and stop profiteers like this sociopath human being.

The good news is some people managed to pressure him to back down a little to reduce the price from that ridiculous prices. I guess some people cared enough and hope with more pressure that new price will really be reasonable.

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Nov 28, 2010
This is sad truth where we make things so commercialised that these chains don't add values. The people that need the drugs suffer and most times they are the poor.

Drug companies should be made to sell direct to hospitals and control the retail price. Aesthetic drugs then be sold by private.


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Apr 21, 2007
This beast going to dead for greed soon , his is some derianair offspring for sure if not a goat to be kill ordered by his boss to fook people with HIV
Who know the gems already swimming inside their vein

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