Pricing a Digital Image File to be used as a Large Scale Mural in a personal home

Apr 19, 2016
I have been asked to sell a digital image, to be used as a large scale mural, inside a personal home. The usage would be 1 time only and image will cover 3 acoustic tiles each being 4' X 8.' The client will take care of having the image printed on the tile.
I have never sold a digital file before, let alone one of this scale. I'm at a loss as to how to price it. Digital files are sold for such low prices these days. However, I feel like my image will be displayed as a focal "art" piece in the client's home and needs to be priced accordingly. I don't want to shoot too high and lose the business but, I don't want to leave too much on the table either. Age old quandary, I know. Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.



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Jan 29, 2002
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You realized that the retouching for a 8 x 12 file is going to a ball breaker ? The sale of the file is an issue of trust. Do you have to capacity to check if this is not reused some where else ? If additional prints are made, and sold and no one uploads picture of their new mural wall you will never know. I suggest sell them a print of that size and shipping to them. If they want to convert that to a digital file by take a picture of that - let them make the effort. If you sell a file you might as well call this royalty free. I have not ready answers for you but more questions.


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Sep 27, 2004
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I too have no answer on "how much" you should price your image.

but here is a suggestion, think of a or few keywords to describe your this image, than do a keywords search in any one of the major stock photo libraries, to see whether you able to find any similar photos and see how much they are selling.
just give you an idea, the low side is royalty free images (unlimited usage) can go as low as US$1.00 per download, or on high side as right managed images, it can be few hundreds to thousands for per usage.

so, do you think your image is very unique, nobody or very little people ever do the way you do?

if yes, you can sell high, as high as your heart desire, in rights managed licensing, of course you also need to write licensing agreement, stating all the clauses to let them know how they should use and can't use it somewhere else.
You also need to check they don't go stray on the usage later on.
If you don't check, than what is the purpose of asking them pay so much for the usage?

hope this help.


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Oct 25, 2005
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Make sure you have the use rights clearly detailed in your sales contract. Best if you can work with the printing factory direct and not just give a file to the client. Tell the client that is the best way to ensure top quality. Then make the effort to manage the production of the tiles with the printer.


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Jul 9, 2008
Where are you located first? Singapore or elsewhere?

Don't waste your time if its stock photo pricing. By taking the effort to post this thread and getting people to spend replying you it better worth something.

I remember buying a lightstand from a guy who told me he shot a fireworks photo at NDP and a tourist saw the back of the camera preview pic and was immediately impressed and expressed his intention to buy the digital file. Exchanged emails and after editing he sold the digital filet for SGD350 for the person's non commercial personal usage at home.

If he submitted the file to stock agencies he get $5 if his lucky.

Some years ago I did an editorial shoot for a small town magazine from USA Chicago, and got paid their magazine page rates, USD500 if I remembered right. Single run, first rights, full page, non cover.

A month later the person being photographed contacted me to buy the same portrait for his own corporate/professional profile usage and I sold it to him for SGD250 here in Singapore.

IIRC, some studios in shopping center here charges $200 for a walk-in professional photo plus an 8R print. Not sure if they are still in business.


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Dec 31, 2004
Here is my suggestion, If you are trying to build more reputation for future sell, I would suggest to ask them in exchange the testimonial for your work and a picture of it at the location where your picture will be display. I think this is great to raise your profile to ask for me next time. Once this is done, you have to start looking for similar company who may consider this and sell them the artwork for their office.

If this is not the direction you want to go and yet don't know what to charge, ask the company what they are willing to offer, however, before you ask them how much they are willing to offer, ask them why they want your work in particular and why is it important to them to have your image. Sometimes you may be surprised either way... and you can decide if you are happy with the number.

Good luck.


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