PPCP Online is looking for gear reviewers!

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As the thread title says, PPCP Online (www.perfectpixelcameraparts.com) is looking for gear techies who will review new gear. Selected reviewers/testers will be able to play with the new gear and test it out with a full comprehensive review. I'm helping to collect and propose names to PPCP Online for the posts. Need a total of three people to do this. If you are interested, please send me a PM with your name, contact, a short description of yourself and also why you think you'll make a good reviewer of the equipment. *reviewers will be given incentives for their work* (i dont know what it is, but im sure it should be good).

Items for testing would include:
- Camera Accessories
- CF Tripods
- CF Monopods
- Professional Ballheads (up to 13KG loads)
- Many other things as they come along


I'd like to get your PM by the 12th of Feb if you're interested. Thanks!!


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Nov 16, 2004
Hope to see PPCP monopod soon. ;)

Depending on what the items you are reviewing are... ie. if it's a carbon tripod, you've gotta check out or know what's out there, the specs and prices then compare it. Use the tripod and see if it's rugged and if it meets the specs etc.


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Nov 21, 2005
Newbies like some of us can count? :embrass:
I'm always interested in new toys! :bsmilie:

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