power of the mob effect in cyberspace

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Aug 25, 2006
i quote:

It is certain from this saga about the power of the mob effect in cyberspace. In cyberspace it is all too easy for words and intentions to be misconstrued and for malicious attacks to be anonymously used to attack a persona. This can spiral out of control and in a closed, collectivist society such as Singapore it is easy to dig up dirt and make slanderous remarks behind a veil of anonymity. Such negative abuse of the freedom of speech only serves to reinforce the government's position that Singaporeans are not ready or responsible to exercise the right to free speech. This is evidenced by the proportion of ad-hominem, spiteful comments over constructive criticism.
i have not much choice but to agree with the last statement based on my personal experiences. :dunno: on many various forums, be it through participation or lurking.

actually it happens everywhere;

take for example this incident here:


no one questioned for one second whether the puppy was fake , the initial response was to just slam the guy and threaten to do funny things to him and post his address online. only after a while did people ask why the puppy wasn't moving, and the sound linked to the video seemed very fishy. yes it is a mean thing to do if the puppy is real, and the puppy is not real nonetheless, but to literally organise internet lynch mobs is.. quite against the main idea of civilisation,don't you think?

on other matters like freedom of speech, the speaker's corner is a sore subject in singapore. here in hyde park (london) it will be empty most of the time as well, even with zero policing. during the weekends, it will be full of funny people preaching on religion and getting into scuffles/verbal abuse battles with people who throw racist remarks at them. if you disbelieve, go and search youtube for speaker corner london, and have fun. i always have a good laugh when i view those. :)

so what do you think? :dunno:


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Nov 18, 2005
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I believe in action and reaction.

Mob effect is just a reaction. The more forceful the action, the more the reaction.

Why was the video put up in the first place? At face value, it's a soldier throwing a puppy. And at face value, that's the expected reaction you'll get.


May 15, 2007
that's why got one particular user in cs (not refering to ts fyi) always buay song me for not going with the mob here...i only have this to say to him: Song bo?!

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