Posting videos from YouTube in ClubSNAP


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Jan 16, 2002
Here is a handy guide to posting video clips from YouTube in ClubSNAP.

Now that YouTube supports Higher Quality and High Definition clips, we have updated our BBcode to support those formats as well.

Please use the following BBcodes according to the type of video quality/definition required.

[_youtube]youtubecodehere[_/youtube] - for normal YouTube clips

[_youtubehq]youtubecodehere[_/youtubehq] - for High Quality YouTube clips

[_youtubehd]youtubecodehere[_/youtubehd] - for High Definition YouTube clips

Remember to remove the _ character when posting.

Replace the youtubecodehere with the youtube video reference eg if you are linking to, you would use the following code :-

[_youtubehd]zlfKdbWwruY[_/youtubehd] (again, remember to remove the underscore _ character)

Live example :-


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