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Jul 27, 2009
MagMod Basic Package User Review

Thank you Photosphere (http://photospheresg.com/) for allowing me to review their new product the MagMod Basic Package.

What is in the Package

1. 1x Mag Grip
2. 1x Mag Grid (Honeycomb)
3. 1x Mag Gel Holder
4. Mag Gel with 4 shades of CTO, 1x Green, 1x Blue, 1x ND, 1x White Diffuser
5. Transmitter Rubber Band (don’t really know the used for this)
6. Carrying Pouch

Note: Speedlight is not included in the package

User Review

As a strobist enthusiast and I have lost count on the number of Speedlight gel packs and honeycomb I had lost during my outdoor shoot. I have always hated those Velcro fastener, occasionally that extra rubber band come in handy but what’s the point, the Velcro is supposed to hold everything in place. The first time I open the my MagMod package. There is a grin in my eyes and an evil thought came. Turning on my room fan on at its highest speed. I drop the Mag Gels and those typical paper thin color gels in front of the fan.

The results, the paper thin gels get blown all over my room while the Mag Gel just drops on the floor. I pick up the Mag Gels and inspect it closely. It is made of durable plastic and has a small weight to it (a few milligrams perhaps). I don’t think I will be losing my gels ever again.

The Mag Gel holder has a groove where you can insert the gel in place. Inserting just one gel, it rattles around the groove because of the free space. Immediately I try to use it as a hand fan, shaking it violently. Amazing, the Mag Gel didn't drop out. I ponder for a while when I saw the ND filter and White Diffuser gel. It’s a nice touch to include them in the package. It will be useful for situations when you need diffuse light or reduce your light source. Suddenly I begin to see the logic for the thick groove in the Mag Gel holder, we can mix and match the gels and I can stack up to three gels in to the holder. Therefore you can stack a green gel with the white diffuser gel or the ND filter. Nice Touch!!!

Looking next at the Mag Grip, it’s made of a stretchy rubber. It takes some effort to mount it on the Speedlight. But once it is mounted, it is very secure. On each side of the Mag Grip, there is a neodymium magnet. The MagMod system works on the principle where magnet attracts each other. To mount the Mag Grid and the Mag Gel holder, simply slap them on to the Mag Grip. And the magnets will hold them in place. You can even stack the Mag Gel holder over the Mag Grid or vice versa. Mag Grid by itself acts like a 40 deg grid honeycomb. If you stack two Mag Grid it acts like a 20 deg grid.

I had the MagMod for over 1 month. It works wonderfully during my outdoor shoots. I don’t have to worry about the wind or the location environment. One moment I am on the beach the next I am climbing on to some large rocks. Everything hold up well. Once I even accidentally tipped over one of my light stand and it came crashing down, Mag Grid is still mounted securely.

Overall I am very pleased with the MagMod. I do hope there will be more light modifier in the near future. I believe the MagMod system have a bright future ahead.

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