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Oct 2, 2015

Date : 19/11/2017 (Sun) 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

Humans are social creatures. We love to reflect on ourselves and the people we cherish, and we like to have that ability whenever we please. Portrait photography is an excellent skill to cultivate for anyone with a camera - whether you're simply taking better photos of your family or want to build out your business's portrait or high fashion portfolio

This workshop is subsidize* by Sony Digital Workshop.
*The first 9 registered participants shall enjoy a 60% discount!

Instructor: Gerbie Pabilonia

Gerbie is a Fine Arts Photographer specialising in digital arts. A former Graphic Designer, he lives and works in Singapore.

Gerbie’s passion and interest in art began at a young age, guided by his father thru drawings and paintings. This set his foundation for creative arts and photography, from which he moved on to study image editing, combining photography and digital arts. He flourished under the freedom and personal expression present in abstraction.

In his early years in photography, Gerbie explored a range of styles, from fantasy and conceptual to emotion and drama. He always brought subtle sophistication to digital artworks through a unique balance of colour, composition and texture.

To participate, you need to have either:
  • Interchangable Lens Camera
  • Writing materials for taking notes
  • Laptop (Recommended but not compulsory)


Outdoor Photoshoot:

In this fashion photography course, learn every stage of a fashion shoot, from casting your styling team and model to the shoot day itself, will start at the very beginning and help you establish a foundation for all styles of portrait photography. You’ll learn about the essential elements of a good portrait; lighting, posing and expression. Then you’ll learn how to work with what you've got, with instruction on shooting with window, natural, indoor.

Briefing (15 minutes)
Location Shoot (1.45 hrs)
Time: 9:30 am
Theme: x2 Elegant Dress / Gown
Location: Chinese Garden

Photoshoot Curriculum

- Basic Equipment
- Camera & Lenses
- Understanding lens perspective and compression
- White balance & colour temperature
- Exposure Control
- Working with natural light and the environment
- Finding stories in your environment
- Use of Light and Shadow
- Posing
- Directing
- Communication
- Understanding of Body Language
- Understanding the importance of foreground and background


Post Processing:

Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop for photographers. Covering all the most important aspects for portrait retouching; from basic to advance retouching tools.

Post process (3 hrs)
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Location: Sony Digital Workshop @ 313@Somerset (transportation is provided)

Post Process Curriculum

- Working with layers / layer management / styles / blending modes
- Image Selection
- Spot Removal
- Lighting and Colour
- Masking
- Liquefying techniques
- Using curves and levels
- Filters & 3rd party filters
- Skin softening / toning
- Improving facial definition with non-destructive dodge-and-burn
- Proper Highlights and shadow techniques
- Photos integration / colour matching / adjustments
- Watermarks

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