Portrait Lighting Course - Basic to Intermediate - 19 th Feb

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Jan 17, 2002
Title of workshop : Portrait Lighting
Level : Basic to Intermediate
Genre : Fashion, commercial, arts, and photojournalism
Venue : SPACE 217 (217 Selegie Road)
Date : Feb 19th, Sat
Cost : $150 per student (course material incl.)
Instructor : Skye, Billy and Frey

25% discount for all students and NSF personnels
(**please provide nesessary pass to proof)

Course Objective:
Beside learning about lighting techniques used for portraits in studio, this course will give students invaluable insights to understanding available light sources in outdoor situations. Students will be required to do hands-on practice in studio lightings techniques taught by the instructors,and are required to submit assignment for critique session.

The course will be in 2 phases:
Phase 1: Tutorial - 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Phase 2: Practical (hands-on by students) - 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Phase A (Course tutorial):

Understanding Lightings
- To identify different types of lightings terms and styles used in outdoor & indoor portraitures in relationship to fashion, photojournalism, arts and commerical photography.
Photography with Lights
- To learn how to control lighting situations in a studio and in corresponse to other sources such as natural ambience light. This topic will also cover explanation of lighting equipments/tools, their functions, and chracteristics
Conceptual portraits
- To elaborate on the fuction of lightings and how one can apply the techniques taught to use it for their individual needs. There will be case study of the function of lightings portraitures in relationship to the conceptual objectives used by artists, fashion and commercial photographers.

Phase 2 (practical):

1) Demonstration by instructors
2) students to create a checklist of lighting techniques taught by instructors. (Instructors will be at hand to supervise).

Students are required to present assignments taught in the class the following week. Group critque will also be conducted.

The class will be conducted mainly through the use of a Medium Format Camera and Polaroid Films. (This maybe complemented with a DSLR and a projector)

For any more information or querries regarding this course, please email me at rueyloon@36frames.com

Thank you.


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Feb 25, 2003
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Upz for Rueyloon and Skyetang...
Attended one of their sessions before. Comprehensive lessons without getting too bogged down with technicalities. The hands-on session is helpful for attendees to reinforce the basic concepts and explore their creativity. Everything is conducted in relaxed and informal manner so attendees can fill free to ask any questions and clear any doubts. If you are thinking of venturing into studio or even portrait photography as a beginner, this course is quite a good start. Thumbsup from me. :thumbsup:

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