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Mar 24, 2004
wah lao... this is very jialat man. just something sway to share with u ppl... especially those who intend to get any kind of portable storage to store anything important.... :cry:

the seagate 2.5" portable HD i bought weeks ago just lost all my precious pictures.... very jialat man... the lucky thing is that all my assignments' pictures got backup copies/sets in both my PC & lap.... the bad thing's that all my candid & personal shots liao liao..... :cry:

the strange thing is that only the folder containing my pictures crashed... "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" was the error msg.... i selected the folder and right click on it to see the size... 0 byte!!!!!!!!!!! the rest of my documents/files in the HD still remained intact...

i died.... frantically prepared all my backup copies...:faint: haiz... my precious shots............... sooo if u're getting a portable storage (especially a high capacity one).... pls..... check thru completely and check on its reliability first hor... dun be like me...... :cry: if anyone can help me restore this problem.... plsss.... thank you sooo much.... haiZ.... :dunno:


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Nov 20, 2004
Hi jonlou, if it helps, don't give up hope completely yet. Let's hope it's only the file allocation table (FAT) that's corrupted - I'm assuming you're using Windows - and your actual data is still intact somewhere on the hdd; i.e. if you hadn't overwritten the actual data storage area with some other newer files the 1's & 0's should still be there. There are several options that I would personally try if it happened to me, however you'll still have to keep your fingers crossed and need all the luck you can get. Note I'm assuming you're using the hdd on a Windows system and it's in FAT format here:

* firstly if you can, or especially if you can't afford to lose the data, perform a hard disk clone (e.g. using Norton Ghost). This will offer you a backup in case something screws up during attempts at data recovery and you'll be able to at least revert to the start state.

* the easiest and most straight-forward is to try scandisk in Windows. Depending on the version of Windows this may or may not be available to you, IIRC. Scandisk may fix errors and inconsistencies in the FAT, but it is possible it will repair the FAT without recovery any lost files for you - no one can be 100% sure it won't. Hence having a hdd backup is important (see previous point).

* next there are products such as Norton Disk Doctor that may detect and recover the orphaned files.

* did a quick search on Google for "recover lost files". One software product turned up - http://www.recovermyfiles.com/. I think it says you can download a trial copy that will report if it can 'see' your lost files but you'll have to buy the software in order to have it recover the files for you.

* another hopeful freeware here: http://www.softwarepatch.com/software/filerecovery.html

If you can, do more detailed research on the net and see what else that's hopeful comes up.

The important point is, if you're determined to recover the lost files, do not write anything new to the hdd - otherwise it may be gone forever!

Good luck!

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