Pongal Harvest Festival 2017 @ Little India


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
"The Pongal Harvest Festival is a traditional Indian festival that gives thanks to the sun god for a bountiful harvest.

Mostly celebrated in India, Pongal is also celebrated in Singapore because of the large number of Tamil people living here."
extracted from http://www.singaporetravelhub.com/events/pongal-harvest-festival/

The Tamil community in Singapore is celebrating Pongal Harvest Festival on this coming Sunday, to know more about the their cultures, you may head down to Campbell Lane in Little India and explore the unique festivities and daily performances held here.

I was there yesterday afternoon, I got to see the tradition India dance performance, puppet shows, played their tradition games, saw how they cook the pot of rice bubble over, and many other rituals related to Pongal, it is very interesting to learn about their culture and tradition, btw, there is a street light up for Pongal Harvest Festival at Serangoon Road.

Do not miss this photo opportunity.

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