Polling result for project title for "Super Panoramic view of Orchard Road"

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Oct 26, 2003
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View Poll Results: Project naming for "Super Panoramic shots of Orchard Road"

A moment in time. 7
Longest panoramic photograph of Orchard Road. 2
Orchard Panoramic Snap. 1
the long shot. 2
Orchard WOW! Shot! 2
PanoOrchard 4
Orchard Wave... 1
The Longest Day 0
orchard road - widescreen edition 2
Mine's longer than yours 1
By a Long Shot 1
Orchard-noramic 0
Voters: 23. This poll is closed

Stretched Out Shopping 2
Photo-tiles : the orchard road story 2
along the boulevard 0
the Life of a Blooming Orchard 1
Everyday Orchard 2
Orchard... By a long shot! 1
A day in the life of Orchard Rd 2
Orchard of Life 1
Look Down Town 1
The Great Singapore Shootout 7
Take a slide down orchard road 0
"Officially, Orchard." 9
Voters: 28. This poll is closed

The Longest Road: Orchard 0
Orchard Road Stretched 1
The Urban Orchard 2
A Time in Space 1
Superior Eye capture 1
orchard roooaaaad 3
The Orchard Quilt 3
Singapore's Orchard Road 4
Long Long Way Ahead 1
Orchard Tarik! 6
Voters: 22. This poll is closed

A total of 73 vote were casted.
Title with highest vote is :
"Officially, Orchard."
Submitted by "bigsnapper" . Congrad.


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Aug 21, 2004
"Officially, Orchard."

Alrighty! :thumbsup:
The name has been noted down and i'll post the official registration site for this event tomrw.

Cheers!!! :D

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