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Nov 4, 2002
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Hi all

Posting on behalf of a friend.

Wild Rice is looking for Photographers who create art with Polaroids. This is part of their Wild@Heart programme that targets bringing the Arts to the void decks and residents. Last year, graffiti, installation art, painting, chalk drawing and drama were brought to the void decks of the residents.

This year , they will be hosting instant photography competition every weekend as part of their programme. They' re looking for a photographer-artist who has experience with polaroid photography - ie. polaroid print etching and transfers - to guide young participants through simplified processes using polaroid and prints, and to provide ideas on artwork that can be produced with the prints - eg. prints in collage.

The artist will be needed for 5 sessions on 30 august, 6, 13, 20 & 27 september. As for the fee, will leave it for you to discuss with Wild Rice.

Let me know if you interested. Will put you in touch with the person in charge.

PS: Anybody has contacts to Polaroid Sponsors? Kindly PM! Thank you very muchie

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