Point and Shoot Outing --> Esplanade

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Nov 24, 2008
What do you guys think?

An outing specially for users who may not know just what their PNS can do as well as knowledge sharing.

bringing a tripod is recommended if want to do long exposure and etc.

Tentatively set on 14 May 2010 which is a Friday and coincides with an Outdoor Performance at the Esplanade http://www.esplanade.com/whats_on/programme_info/fires_of_eden/index.jsp

Plan is 6pm gather and then shoot random portrait/landscape. Usually by then, groups will have formed so we will proceed to the Outdoor Theatre for performance shooting but being what it is, best is not to use flash. Some PNS actually work quite good in low light.

opinions welcome. I am opening it up to 10 users but may be more depending on demand and if others willing to help.

Not open for further replies.
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