Pls recommend a bracket and slave flash for my a40

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Jul 21, 2002
As above.

My main aim for the bracket and flash is mainly to do macro shoots, but should also also allow me to shoot other stuff like events, etc.

It should be able do this, and be a 'L' frame when needed. But does not have to be exactly the same brand as the one in the link.

I foresee my future upgrade to be a 602z or its later replacement. Plan to buy the bracket and slave flash first as I will be going for my enlistment and chose not to get a new camera first.

The slave flash should be able to used with a flash sync cord (or is all flash able to do that?).

My concern should be the bracket at the moment.
My camera is an A40 with no hotshoe by the way, and I will be using closeup filters for macros, and a possible reversed lens.

Thanks for your time...

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