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Pls READ - Unfilled Warranty Card (NO USE)


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Please note that unfilled warranty is of NO USE. You need a receipt to claim warranty, as warranty status is based on date on receipt. If no receipt, Camera Manufacturers can check their database for records of your serial no. and based the warranty from the day the equipment is sent to retailer or taken into their inventory.

Please be accurate in stating your warranty status when selling your used products

Bottomline: those sellers who stated unfilled warranty - just ignore that cos it does not make any difference


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Jan 29, 2002
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Just to further info on what daredevil said, nikon can just from serial no tell you where, when and to who nikon sold that to; so if you bought grey from a local dealer without a receipt from at least the country where your manufacturer sold it first and you want to claim on warranty its not going to happen. Plus most times when you want warranty service from local brand owner you need to produce the ORIGINAL invoice of sale; in some case they no long recognise hand written invoices, they want computerized as this is much much more difficult for seller to give you a post dated invoice.

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