please tell me what is wrong in setting....

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Feb 23, 2005
I am NINAD. :cry:
I have sony DSV digital camera (5 mg. pixel). my problem is in auto option everything is fine (about quality) but if i want to capture fast moving object or any human activity like playing in water etc. by selecting "S" option only shutter speed is adjustable rest of the options automaticly set by camera, I got what I want but the images are full of grains even they are set to 5.0 mb. In auto option it is not possible to catch fast movement. I have imges with me if u want to see plz give me e-mail id so i can send the images.
Please tell me what is wrong in setting. :dunno:



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Nov 2, 2004
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to increase the shutter speed, I think that the camera has also increased the iso and thus resulting in more noise. see if you can switch off the auto iso and try again.
Of course if it is a bright day it would also help.

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Feb 15, 2003
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u using DSC F717 or F828? or the older F707?

anyway, these cameras are not good with high iso, esp above iso 200.

if you set the iso to manual 200, den take a pic, it would be easier to control. check the aperture as well, u might wanna set to wide open.

you can always use noise ninja or other software to get rid of the noise...

Feb 23, 2005
espn said:
Chill, let's see some EXIF information and some images, to help us understand, it might be a case of high ISO used thus the noise.

Check here for how to post images on CS, ;)

I have uploded the 3 images in my A/C
Following are the settings

(please check the discription of image for name of the image "A,A_1 & B")

For Image “A & A_1” Aperture value = F3.5, Shutter speed = 1/1000, Exposure value = +1.0, ISO = 400

For Image “B” Aperture value = F4.0, Shutter speed = 1/1000, Exposure value = +1.0, ISO = 400

Please check the grains in the images even the image resolution is set from 1.2 to 5.0 MB. Please let me know what is the exact reason behind grains. Why these images are not sharp & clear?


Feb 23, 2005
dennisc said:
as clubsnappers have guessed here, ur iso is 400, speed is 1/1000, now thats high.
thanks for giving me reply. ;)
so what should be the ISO & shutter speed value u suggest to me?
If shutter speed is 1000 what should be the ISO value?
Is ISO value is depend aupon sunlight? (at noon & at eve)
What should be the ratio?


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Dec 31, 2004
iso is the film or sensor sensitivity .. the higher the value the more sensitive, but at high sensitivity(high iso) the image gets noisy(the grains)

under bright sunlight u don't need as high an iso value get the shot well exposed ...

maybe try iso 100? (if possible) otherwise 200 ... anywhere above that is rather noisy ... (use neat image to remove? .. might lose some detail)

set EV at +2 or +3?

shutter speed 1/200?

aperture ... 3.5 (or lower if u can .. if u don't need the depth of field)

1/1000 is very high ... probably don't need that much ... i managed to catch lion dances and wu shu at 1/160 iso 200 f2.8


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Feb 11, 2005
Went to your gallery to take a look at some of the pictures.

The first portrait shot. Can see from the background it is slightly grainy. I think is due to the high ISO settings u r using. Most shots are taken from the evening right ? The sun still shining brightly. ISO 100 should be sufficient for action shots. Try to play ard with your shutter speed to achieve the exposure you want. For stationary shot, ISO 50 should be sufficient.

Always use the slowest ISO possible u can...haha :bsmilie:
Unless it is in the night or when the lighting is really too low.


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Sep 8, 2004
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Use the lowest ISO you can.Adjust your aperture and shutter instead.You might want to decrease your aperture if you are shooting towards the sunlight.No point getting too much light into the camera.

And btw, welcome to CS!

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