Please recommend software for making slideshow..

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I appreciate if you could recommend some good and fast software for making slide shows with music added facility.

I have used Ulead studio and nerovision...both allows music to be added but have limitations...Ulead studio and nerovision are very slow; ulead studio has certain formats not recognisable.



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Nov 28, 2005
Do a search on here for "slideshow software". Your question pops up about once a month. :)


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Oct 26, 2009
I just completed an extensive web search a week ago for the same software and after a long process I narrowed it down to "ProShow Gold"by PhotoDex. Their website is located at and I think you can download a demo version of the software. It cost $70 for the full version and they also have a producer version for $250 which takes it beyond anything most users will need.

I purchased the Gold version and used it to create a photo slide show for a funeral service for a family member. I included various effects, music, and even video into the show. I received nothing but great reviews from everyone that saw it and they are all requesting copies of the show.

The software has multiple output formats to include YouTube, DVD, Blu-ray, VideoCD, Web Shows, Flash, and more. There is a ton of transition effects and many different ways to setup your shows.

I am very impressed with this software and think that any photog can add it to their collection to further enhance the ways to show off your albums.

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Aug 23, 2005
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Thanks Nelson for the tip, will file it for reference and get it when the time comes.

One a side note, it's quite taboo to take photos or visually recording a chinese funeral.

Just a very personal opinion but others may want to disagree.... Oh well...

Thanks clubbers for your email.

My fault for not being more specific.

There are many software in the market, but I would like to know software that can
i) record slides and movie clips at one go
ii)convert to playable dvd format
iii) no restrictions. The software I have from Nerovision has a limit of 99 pictures per section, so if I have many pictures, it shunts the other pictures in to packs of 99. When viewing, it becomes tedious, as I have to revert back to the menu, and click pack 2, then re-start, then pack 3, etc. I also tried photo-album, but it has the same problems of limitation to about 90 pages.

Do you have the same problems with the software I mentioned?


Jan 26, 2010
hi,i use this slideshow software

It can uploade about 400pcs of photo in one slieshow and can also add music.have a look,hope it helps

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