***PLEASE READ IF YOU WANT TO POST HERE***Simple Guidelines to Gatherings and Outings

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Dec 18, 2003
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Of late, the Gatherings and Outings sub-forum has been mis-used/abused and turning into a mini-Kopitiam section.

Please take note - this sub-forum is for anyone to post their FREE (not commerical) gatherings and outings for photography. If you wish to do any organising or discuss about organising such a trip, please either do it offline via PMs/emails, or in Kopitiam (however, please close the thread in KPT after your trip is over or served its purpose).

Please also note - this is not for you to compile a list of 'which photographer lives here' kind of threads. If you wish to organise an outing specific to a geographical area, just make the details known in your post (eg. this outing is only for people living in Woodlands). Any compilation of such lists, please do so in KPT too.

Hence, it is greatly appreciated if folks can keep this corner clean of KPT talk. Please, in your threads, just post the relevant details (outing location, time/day, and who to contact) that is important to the outing.

Any thread(s) found to be turning into KPT will be moved there.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

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