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Jun 2, 2002
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Hi All

A fellow doll friend of mine lost her precious blythe doll and bunny in a cab yesterday and she is really distraught about it. These are her own words which she has posted in the local blythe forum:

my friend said:
hi girls....i lost them in a cab this morning. it pains my heart to know that someone else has taken them.

jojo, a love mission, is my first and most treasured blythe because she is from a special person 2 years ago as valentine day present. she has no more eyeshadow and blusher. her lipstick is slightly chipped. her body is licca body with dirty arms. she is wearing chinese costume.

erduo, a 17cm tall grey little rabbit, is my constant companion since i was 14 year old. she went through thick and thin with me all these years especially the past 2 years which has been very traumatic.

if you girls happen to see anyone with jojo and erduo, please let me know!!! thanks!!
Picture of lost items:

She has also posted her ad in the local newspaper today.

Would be most grateful if you could pass the word along. If you know anyone who has seen both items (especially the bunny), please PM me.

Thanks for looking!


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Dec 21, 2003
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upz for your friend :cry:

it must have been quite a loss for her. hope she will get them back asap!

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