PLEASE HELP!! Need advice on lenses and accessories

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Sep 11, 2003
Okinawa Japan
Hello everyone,

I am in dire need of assistance. I wish to purchase a telephoto and wide-angle lens for my Olympus 5050. The only lens Olympus recomends is only a 1.8X lens. For lack of better resources (I live on a tiny little island) I was lookin on E-bay and found a kit with 2.5X telephoto and a .45X or .50X wide-angle and it comes with the required adapters. The kit with the .50X is only $60 and the kit with the .45X is $80. Both lenses are Digital Optics.
How big of a difference does the .05 make? worth the 20 bucks?
Is this brand any good? Has anyone used it?
Is there a better place to get accessories?

please, any help would be great. I am hoping to purchase soon, but Im trying to wait for some kind of response to this post. Thank you all very much for your time,

pm me, e-mail me, or just reply

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