Planning a Photography Exhibition (Travel Themed)


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Nov 28, 2009
I recently got invited to do my first mini photography exhibition in a cafe & bar (travel themed, 10 works), some questions ponders me while I was doing my planning:

1. I was told that canvas printing gives good quality, and is better for selling (than photo paper print). What is your opinion on such?

2. I was been recommended using Brilliant Printing's service for canvas printing. What is your opinion on cost, quality and services of this company?

3. I am planning to do either a 41x61cm (S$120) or 51x76cm (S$175) print. Does such size seems ok for commercial selling?

4. Some friends told me that landscape and non-people subjects are better for selling as it is better for house decoration. People might feel "ban dang" to use stranger themed subjects for home deco. What is your take?

4. I am planning to sell the photography at ~3-4 times the cost of the printing, which is prob 450-600. What's your gut feel on sellability of such a cost? (My objective is to sell around 2-3 out of 10 prints to break even)

A sample of my exhibited photos are here for your reference (photo #2, #8, #10, #11, #14, #18, #19, #20):

many thanks!


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Mar 24, 2003
1) yes canvas has a different feel from paper, which needs to be mounted and framed. There are fineart paper prints which are wonderful in their own ways. In my opinion, some images look better on canvas and others, on different types of paper. The advantage of canvas is that it has a large image area (100% of the frame) and thus the impact of your picture to the viewer will be greater in some ways. However, the choice of material, be it canvas or paper does not guarantee a good quality print. Quality of print lies directly in the hands of the printmaker and framer.

2) no comment

3) in inches: 16x24 and 20x30 are 2 very general sizes which are well accepted by the public. but for canvas, 24x36 and 30x45 can also be considered due to its nature of presentation (large is better).

4) generally, landscapes are better for sales, as well as abstracts (including those with people in them).

5) yes that's a good margin and the prices are ok for normal laypeople to pay for. maybe you can try to integrate paypal into your sales plan for an easier payment workflow cuz most people will not be carrying such amounts of cash around.

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