Places to go and visit / shoot in Seoul

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Oct 9, 2006
Friends I have a meeting in Seoul in September, and I will have a day before my meeting and 3 days after to do some R/R

Any tips on places to see / eat/ maybe do a little shopping?
Places outside of Seoul are fine too if they fit my time span.




try visiting the historical palaces and places in Seoul. Like the Imperial palace and summer palace called GyeongBuk Gong (景福宮)& ChangDay Gong (長福宮)and 青瓦台 (Parliament House). You can also Visit the 2 famous city gates the Namdae Mun (南大門)& Dongdaemun (東大門)
Namdaemun has been burnt down but it 'll be interesting to shoot whatever is left of it. there is a nice local "chinatown" type of market around its vicinity....many 2nd hand camera shops there (but price not cheap) and camping gears, kitchen wares and local food shops there.

Dongdaemun has a few very large local fashion shopping malls. tae a subway to Dongdaemun or dongdaemun stadium and alight. You will see all these malls when u come up from these stations. Near the stadium, there is a nigth pasar malam market selling all kinds of souvenirs & stuff. if you go near the textile wholesale center, you can go down the bridge to take a stroll along the revamped Cheong Gay Cheong (清溪川). the Cheong Gay Cheong project was actually a clean up of the sewerage drain into what today is the beautiful riverside walk, pioneered and done by the current Korean President when he was the mayor of Seoul.

If u have some more time visit the arts centre area in InsaDong, alight at subway station at Angguk\ and take a short walk there.
if you are a bit adventurous and loves nature, take the train to the station called Bulwang(佛光)and do a trek up Bu Kan Shan (烽火山). There're many Koreans who wakes up early on Sundays to do the climb up this mountain on weekends. Good place at the foot of the mountain to buy camping and adventure gear. They're cheap & good.

if you want to impress your galfren, bring her up to Namshan (南山), where the Seoul Tower is. pretty much the same effect like you will have when you go to the Tokyo tower in Tokyo. From there, you can go to the Korea cultural village at Chung Muro station.

if you are feeling lucky, maybe you can take a trip to Coex where the Seven luck casino is or go to the largest casino in Korea at Walker Hill Casino. You can change some US$25 chips and get a keychain souvenir from the dealers at Walker Hill. After that, if you dun gamble, can change back yr chips to money.

If you want to find Angmo crowd and food, go to Itaewon. The place is near one of the US army base and you will have all the big Yankee culture there. The place is also a good place to get good leather jacket. but do bargain.

that pretty much is more than enuff to keep busy for 4 days at least.

if you want to see the pictures of these places, you can go to my online galery at on sets and you will see all the Korea sets inside that took over the last 3 years in Seoul. The link is

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