Photoshop - Skin Blemish Correction for Web

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Apr 20, 2007
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I picked up this workflow from a Photoshop book I’ve read about a year ago, ever since, I’ve been modifying and incorporating this workflow for most portraits that are only intended for web use or smaller prints. It’s not as meticulous as pixel-level editing, but should suffice for most folks to use on a regular basis.

Before anyone comments about the subject selection, I didn’t want to feature close-up blemishes of a friend or family member’s face so I had to sacrifice my dignity to come up with this tutorial.

If you’ve noticed the models you see on the cover of glamour magazines, you’ll notice that most are young models under the age of 25. Young people have tighter skin, a more healthy glow, and much smaller pores than most grown-ups, which makes them ideal subjects for make-up and beauty close-up shots.

While a good make-up artist can do wonders to any subject, in reality, we probably won’t have a great make-up artist at our disposal on our day-to-day photos, so Photoshop to the rescue!


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