Photoshop CS2 (Elementary)

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Hi there,

We are conducting elementary digital imaging course on 28th June (Wed). There are 6 lessons of 2 hours each.

The course contents are as below.
  1. Photoshop Basics
    This lesson equips you with the necessary Photoshop fundamentals to begin your foray into the DI territory.
    • Introduction to Digital Imaging & Photographs
    • Basics of Photoshop
      • Image Resizing
      • Cropping
      • Transformation
      • Using Layers
      • Selection Tools & Techniques
  2. Exposure & Flash Compensation.
    With DI, you need not worry about photos being badly taken. There's always a fix for it. (Except the most badly taken ones ;) )
    • Fixing Exposure
    • Digital Fill-in Flash
    • Fixing “Over-Flashed” Photos
    • Red-eye Removal
    • Dodging & Burning
  3. Colour Correction & White Balancing
    Photos taken under different lighting conditions can appear radically different. With Photoshop, you can make the photos appear as they should under normal light and, in addition, enhance the colours to make them look more vivid.
    • Introduction to Colour Modes
    • Simple Colour Correction Using Curves
    • Advanced Colour Correction Using Curves
    • ‘Auto’ Colour Correction
    • Photo Filters
    • Colour Enhancement
  4. Sharpening & Blurring
    Blur photos are an inevitable fact all digital photographers must face. With the techniques taught in this lesson, blur photos are a thing of the past... or not; blurring can be applied creatively to generate effects not easily achievable with conventional photography. This lesson will teach you how.
    • Simple Sharpening
    • Noise Removal
    • Luminosity Sharpening
    • Sharpening Refinement Techniques
    • Creating Blur Effects
  5. Greyscale Conversion & Automation
    Greyscale images look deceptively simple to achieve. However, there is a great deal of science that goes on behind the scenes. At the same time, you will also learn how to use Photoshop's automated features to make your tasks simpler.
    • Greyscale Conversion using Different Methods
    • Duotone Conversion
    • Simulating Sepia
    • Actions and Batch Commands
  6. Photo Repair & Composition
    Image extraction and composition is arguably the most interesting aspect of digital imaging. The lesson will teach you how to use the various tools in Photoshop CS2 to correct your photo and how to do basic collaging.
    • Identifying Trouble Spots
    • Using Various Tools to Repair
    • Image Extraction
    • Vanishing Point
    • Basic Collaging

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Notes will be provided. It will be held in our training room in Waterloo Street. For information on our location, please visit our site @

Only five seats are available for each slot:

Weekday Class: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
U.P $330
SPecial price for Clubsnap member :$297
Please drop us a mail or PM us if you are interested.

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