Photoshop CS 6: Help in adjusting levels, curves, colour balance, hue & saturation...


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hi guys...

Been some times since I post a thread. It is quite embarassing but I need to sort out this doubt.

Recently I just upgraded from PS CS4 to PS CS6. It seems that in PS CS6 whenever I am trying to adjust levels, curves or colour balances in a collage or multiple layers in an image, the version CS6 cannot be adjusted. And I need to manually go to open another tab to adjust my desire layers to my preferences before pulling it back into the main working file layer! This is ridiculous right!

Ok you all may be confused, let me illustrate it carefully:

1) I have a Working File A with multiple images inside this working file;

2) I open up PS CS6, open up the Working File A;

3) I tried to adjust the levels, curves, colour balance, hue & saturations for these layers;

4) The programme itself cannot adjust the desired settings for my layers, the only adjustment is shadow and highlights which is not what I need;

5) Hence, I need to open up the files of those layers, and maually adjust the settings correctly before importing back to the Working File A in PS CS6.

6) At CS PS6, then I need to readjust all the positions of the layers and sizes of the layers again!

Is it a glitch for PS CS6 or updates to ratify this problem? There is not such issue in my PS CS4 and I am so surprise there are issue now.

I am no noob in PS and I have not have these issues in CS2, 3 and 4.

Thanks in advance.



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Sep 27, 2004
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I don't quite following you, but seem like the individual images are open as a smart object in the document, anyway,
usually what I do is use adjustment layer with layer mask, and also make use of smart object, it is non destructive.
and also organize the layers into group,

working in smart object is right way, you will love it once you know what they can do for you.

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