Photoshop bug? Adobe Camera Raw bug?

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Dec 14, 2004
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I need a favour in verifying this bug so that I know what actions I can take.

When I use "file=>automate=>fit image" to fit a 2304 x 3456 photo that I took, IF i select a value of 1800 or above, there is a calculation error.
to maintain a ratio of 2:3, it should be 1200:1800.
However it ends up 1199:1800. This error propagates from size 1800 (i.e. 2100, 3000, etc) upwards.

This appears true for a few raw files from various canon dSLRs.

Can someone help me verify + duplicate this error? I'm currently running Vista Ultimate RTM with AMD64X2, I'm paranoid about Vista causing me problems.

Steps to reproduce bug:
1. open a RAW image taken by (canon 350D + 20D, cameras i tested) dSLR at ANY resolution without upsizing or downsizing in Adobe Camera Raw.

2. file => automate => fit image, with a value of 1800, 1800

Expected results:
image should resize to 1800 x 1200

image size does not retail the original 2:3 ratio. image dimension becomes 1800 X 1199 or some funny number.


I duplicated this for ALL of e raw files that I have with me now. This holds true for all files that seems to have passed through Adobe Camera Raw.

If i strip the EXIF info from the ACR extracted images, the bug would not trigger.. Immediate concern is, is Photoshop attaching harmful EXIF to jpegs that cause it to miscalculate simple calculations?

1) Is there something that I neglected to take into concern?

2) Does anyone else gets this error? if you don't, can you kindly state your dSLR model, Processor, and OS? (trying to isolate if it's a canon dSLR issue or ACR issue or my system issue)


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Dec 6, 2005
1) No.

2) Yes, all the time (with Canon and non-Canon brands). Rounding up/down errors which are negligible.


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Nov 21, 2006
Hi Brother,

Hm..Actually the ratio 1800x1199 is very close to 1800x1200. It is because when calculating to resize your photo. Your photo is not in vector graphic, so when you scale down, Adobe has to use whatever math to fix the longer edge to 1800 px and calculates the other edge length..I think after applying Adobe algorithm, it must be round off the shorter edge into 1199 .Only 1 px length different..So I think you could ignore it, bro. Seeing an image with the size of 1800x1200 and 1800x1199 i doublt someone could find out any difference..Ha ha..There's nothing perfect , brother..


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